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Sales Training in Edinburgh Designed to Help You Reach New Heights

Many sales persons and those who have been working in the industry for a long time, find that after a while their skills begin to feel a bit rusty. This isn’t unusual or a sign that something is wrong, instead it is something which occurs in every profession, after all even though a surgeon studies for many years, he will be useless unless he keeps up to date with current advances within his field, the same applies with sales. Trends change, technology is updated and clients’ demands are continually being adjusted. Sales Training IQ provides expert and professional sales training in Edinburgh including everyone from beginners to seasoned individuals who are looking for a boost to their current repertoire. Our sales training in Edinburgh is designed to provide accessible, practical instruction on all levels of expertise.

Innovative Sales Training Courses in Edinburgh

We specialise in intuitive, practical sales training courses in Edinburgh which do more than just impart information to attendees. Our methods are far reaching and aim to alter old-fashioned and out dated thinking patterns. We thoroughly believe that for truly successful sales techniques to be learned, firstly old and mistaken habits need to be corrected. These sales training courses in Edinburgh seek to make the individual intellect function on a higher plane which allows for the growth and sight needed for long lasting success.

Complete Sales Coaching in Edinburgh

Any good sales coaching in Edinburgh will always begin with foundation methods and techniques before instructing individuals in more complex methods. Sales Training IQ is no different. A few of the core skills we include in our sales coaching in Edinburgh include the following: skillful telephone sales, arranging appointments over the phone and basic sales skills. Some of the more advanced skills included in our sales coaching in Edinburgh include advanced selling skills, business presentation skills, sales management and negotiation skills as well as many others. No good sales coaching would be complete without the addition of experienced sales mentoring. The instructors at Sales Training IQ are extremely well trained and accomplished in their field. Our sales mentoring enables the student to ensure that the new skills which have been learned are then put to the very best use. Additionally, our sales mentoring provision can also impart the confidence and assurance needed to those just embarking on this challenging profession.

Professional Sales Consultancy in Edinburgh

As well as training and mentoring, Sales Training IQ also offers expert sales consultancy in Edinburgh. All advice and guidance provided through our sales consultancy is based on many years’ experience as well as tried and tested modern techniques.