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The sales coaching program will provide you the structure and focus to enable you to achieve your goals. As your sales coach, we will provide a trusting, supportive, and confidential partnership.

SalesTrainingIQ coaching is different to attending a training course. It is an ongoing activity that keeps you motivated and on-top of what you need to do rather than a one-off course that leaves you to your own devices.

Once you have decided to use SalesTrainingIQ coaching you will agree on a number of sessions that you will have. Some sales people like one per month, others prefer every week.

Your sessions can be face to face, by video conference or via telephone- we'll even accompany you on a real life sales appointment- you decide!

Working with the SalesTrainingIQ coach you will discuss the most effective way forward and what actions that you need to take to improve your sales performance.

In-between each session your sales coach will be "on demand" as we offer you unlimited email coaching.

You can email your coach at anytime for advice and guidance.