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Client Testimonial - Nationwide Building Society


"Duncan has been supporting the Doncaster branch over the last 3 months and the impact he has had on our performance has been significant. What was most helpful is duncan asked questions about my vision for success and what I was trying to achieve before he started working with the branch team. By doing this he has been able to ensure there has been 1 message delivered to the team and his work has enhanced what I have been saying on a daily basis. Duncan has given the team a few simple tools and techniques to use with each other to enhance the service they provide and teamwork. This was most useful in enhancing the ‘one tem’ goal and ensuring the customer is at the heart of everything we do. He has included me in everything he has done and why he has carried out the activities he has so I am able to follow up and embed the developmental tools he has trained / coached.

The impact Duncan’s work has had has been significant. The framework he has provided is consistently used and now Doncaster branch’s performance is consistently one of the best in the Society.

Thanks very much."

David Cantwell
Senior Branch Manager
Nationwide Building Society