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Client Testimonials

"Duncan adds real value throughout our business and has introduced some high quality joint venture partners in addition to suggesting new areas for our business."

National Sales Academy

"Duncan has been working with our Directors and some Regional Partners on various projects which have been hugely beneficial to our business."

What Group

"Excellent session on telesales delivered by Sales Training IQ. The staff felt energised and ready to make some calls. The training was structured into four distinct parts so the team understands the OTCO process as a framework for script development."

Andrew Montgomery
Assist Financial


"Duncan has been supporting the Doncaster branch over the last 3 months and the impact he has had on our performance has been significant. What was most helpful is duncan asked questions about my vision for success and what I was trying to achieve before he started working with the branch team. By doing this he has been able to ensure there has been 1 message delivered to the team and his work has enhanced what I have been saying on a daily basis. Duncan has given the team a few simple tools and techniques to use with each other to enhance the service they provide and teamwork. This was most useful in enhancing the ‘one tem’ goal and ensuring the customer is at the heart of everything we do. He has included me in everything he has done and why he has carried out the activities he has so I am able to follow up and embed the developmental tools he has trained / coached.

The impact Duncan’s work has had has been significant. The framework he has provided is consistently used and now Doncaster branch’s performance is consistently one of the best in the Society.

Thanks very much."

David Cantwell
Senior Branch Manager
Nationwide Building Society


"Integrated training and coaching delivered by Duncan has significantly increased productivity."

Senior Branch Manager
Nationwide Building Society


"Input from Duncan has been like a breath of fresh air throughout the area."

Area Director
Nationwide Building Society


"Thank you for all the work you have done throughout the branches."

Divisional Director
Nationwide Building Society


"Sales training and sales coaching has proved to be highly effective."

Retail Sales Manager
AXA Insurance

"We have found that the training and coaching received from Duncan at Sales Training IQ has increased our productivity and made us more selective in terms of the marketplace that we are looking to grow the business"

Michael Coen
MGM Health

"The value that Duncan at Sales Training IQ has delivered to my business in terms of new opportunities, media publicity and networking has been invaluable"

Julia Kinsey
Osteopathy Weight Management

"Duncan spoke at a Conference in Bristol and the feedback from the attendees was positive and has led to enquiries from individual firms for additional sales training"

Nick Cann
Institute of Financial Planning


"Stewart and Duncan led a perfectly crafted workshop for our fledgling Income Generation Team, presenting a series of exercises which supported the learning and started the team thinking as one unit. The workshop thoroughly engaged all who attended from those with sales experience to the young people who are in their first permanent sales role. They had done their research on our income generation streams drawing out the problems we face and ensuring that our expectations from the session were fully met.

The team have asked for a second session to expand on the techniques learned as soon as it can be arranged Ė I donít think you can get a better endorsement than that really! "

Sue Jones
Head of Finance & Administration

"Duncan's talk at our annual sales conference, was informative, useful and mind opening. Our franchisees enjoyed the interactive games and the introduction of new sales concepts. In particular the presentation of a targeted sales pitch has been implemented in their subsequent sales calls. "

Sam Petter
Tatty Bumpkin

"I've witnessed Duncan operate across his network over the last couple of years, and have seen him 'walk the talk' in the area of sales training, driving added value from a range of opportunities. Duncan's approach to sales training is refreshingly simple, offering SME's across all sectors one to one support to drive sales growth."

Stewart McCombe
William Ritchie Ltd